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GAMSAT Physics Equation List (formulas) and practice problems with dimensional analysis

Watch this video for a discussion of the equations on this webpage including practice!

GAMSAT Maths and Physics Section 3

Memorise These!

Momentum, Impulse
PHY 4.3
M = mv  
Energy (conservation)
PHY 5.5
ET = Ek + Ep  
Work, Power
PHY 5.7
P = ΔW/Δt  
PHY 10.1
I = Q/t  
Resistors (series, par.)
PHY 10.2
Req = R1 + R2 . . . 1/ Req = 1/ R1 +1/ R2 . . .
Capacitors (series, par.)
PHY 10.4
1/ Ceq = 1/ C1 +1/ C2 . . . Ceq = C1 + C2 . . .
Kirchoff's Laws
PHY 10.3.1
Σi = 0 at a junction ΣΔV = 0 in a loop
Torque forces
PHY 4.1
L1 = F1× r1 (CCW + ve) L2 = F2 × r2 (CW -ve)
Torque force at EQ
PHY 4.1
ΣFx = 0 and ΣFy = 0 ΣL = 0
PHY 2.2
F = ma  
PHY 2.1
W = mg  
PHY 6.1.2
P = F/A  
Buoyant Force
PHY 6.1.1
ρ = mass / volume Fb= Vρg = mg 
PHY 11.3
M = magnification = - i/o  

Memorise as Pairs

F = KG ( m1 m2 / r2 )
PHY 2.4 and 9.1.2
F = k ( q1 q2 / r2 )  
V = IR
PHY 10.1 and 10.5
P = IV Paired Use
vav = Δ d / Δ t
PHY. 1.4.1
aav = Δ v / Δ t (avg vel, acc)
v = λ f
PHY 7.1.2 and 9.2.4
E = hf (f = 1/T)
Ek = 1/2 mv2
PHY 5.3-4
Ep = mgh (kin, pot E)

We Suggest (can Save Time during Exam)

Translational motion
PHY 1.6 and 2.5
x = xo + vo t + 1/2at2    |    (Vf)2 = (Vo)2 + 2ax Vf = Vo + at
Uniform circular motion
PHY 3.3
Fc = mac = mv2 /r ac= v2 /r
Work, Power
PHY 5.1 and 5.7
W = F d cosθ P = ΔW/Δt
Spring Force, Work
PHY 7.2.1
F = -kx W = kx2 /2
PHY 7.2.1
(sin θ1 )/(sin θ2 ) = v1 /v2 = n2 /n1 = λ12 n = c/v
PHY 6.1.2
Δ Ρ = ρgΔh  
Atomic Physics
PHY 12.4
If the number of half-lifes n are known we can calculate the percentage of a pure radioactive sample left after undergoing decay since the fraction remaining = (1/2)n

Occasionally Helpful for Theoretical Questions

Frictional force
PHY 3.2
fmax = μN μk < μs always
Momentum, Impulse
PHY 4.3
I = F Δt = ΔM  
Electric Force
PHY 9.1.2
F = qE  
PHY 11.5
1/ i + 1/ o = 1/ f = 2/r = Power  
Specific Gravity
PHY 6.1.1
SG = ρ substance / ρ water ρ = 1 g/cm3 = 103 kg/m3 (H2O)
Note: Specific gravity (SG) is equivalent to the fraction of the height of a buoyant object below the surface of the fluid.

Don't Memorise, Know How to Use...

Fluids in Motion
PHY 5.3-4
Bernouilli's Equation

Ρ + ρgh + 1/2 ρv2 = constant

Solids, Temp Δ
PHY 5.3-4
Linear Expansion L = Lo (1 + αΔ T )
  Area Expansion
PHY 6.3
A = Ao(1 + γΔ T )
β = 3 α
PHY 6.3
Volume Expansion

V = Vo(1 + βΔ T )

Doppler Effect: when d is decreasing use + vo and - vs
PHY 8.5.1
fo = fs (V ± vo )/( V ± vs )  
d = the distance between the plates
PHY 10.4
V = Ed for a parallel plate capacitor  
RH rule
PHY 9.2.3
Laplace's Law dF = dq v(B sin α) = I dl(B sin α)
W = 1/2 CV2
PHY 10.4
Work in Electricity Potential Energy ( PE ) = W = 1/2 QV
ΔG° = -RTln Keq
CHM 9.10
Gibbs Free Energy ΔG = ΔH - TΔS
Continuity (fluids)
PHY 6.1.3
A v = const. ρAv = const.
PHY8.3.1 -4
dB = 10 log 10 (I/I0 ) beats = Δ f
PHY 8.7
Q = mc Δ T  
Root Mean Sq
PHY 10.5
Irms = Imax / √2  
Energy (conservation)
PHY 12.3
E = mc2  

The Basics

sin θ = opp/hyp cos θ = adj/hyp tan θ =opp/adj
θ = sin-1 x arcsec θ = sec-1θ r2 = x2 + y2

Please note: ACER announced in 2011 that calculators will no longer be permitted for GAMSAT Section 3. Our updated list of GAMSAT Physics Topics can be found towards the bottom of this page.

Some Units to Memorise

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GAMSAT Physics Topics

The following GAMSAT Physics Topic list or syllabus is not meant to be exhaustive nor definitive. It is a guideline for topics that we cover for the GAMSAT preparation course during our live classes and in the videos that we have online or as DVDs.

TOPICS: The Atom, Nuclear Reactions, Radioactive Decay and Half-Life, Electricity vs. Gravity, Electric Circuits, Kirchhoff's Laws, Characteristics of Waves, Diffraction, Optics, Sound, Doppler Effect, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Reflection, Refraction, Thin Lens, Snell's Law, The Critical Angle, Force and Motion, Weight and Units, Friction, Applying Newton's Laws, Trigonometry, Projectile Motion, Work, Circular Motion, Work-Energy Theorem, Energy and Entropy, Momentum, Law of Torques, Fluids, Fluids in Motion, Archimedes' Principle

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