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Due to concerns related to COVID-19 (coronavirus), ACER announced on March 23rd that the March 21 GAMSAT has been rescheduled as an online exam May 28th - June 1st (you can sit the exam at home). For GAMSAT test date rescheduling and updates, click here: For details about the new online GAMSAT, click here: GAMSAT Information Booklet. We, at Gold Standard GAMSAT, are currently constructing 3 mock exams with the new online GAMSAT format. Try a free GAMSAT online exam today!
If your 6-months or 1-year access was due to expire during this period, it will be extended until the end of May for free.

How is the GAMSAT scored & when are the results released? All your questions about GAMSAT scoring answered.

Resources to Obtain a Higher GAMSAT Score

For a better understanding of the GAMSAT and how to prepare effectively for this exam, Gold Standard GAMSAT has prepared comprehensive resources ranging from a free study plan to a free practice test.

  • Free GAMSAT Study Schedule - Even if you don't own any of the Gold Standard GAMSAT materials, this study schedule remains helpful as it details the subjects covered for review and practice on a daily basis.
  • Non-science Background GAMSAT Preparation - Dr Ferdinand (author of The Gold Standard GAMSAT books) outlines the 70/30 formula to get a high score. Also includes a link to advice on related topics.
  • GAMSAT Study Tips on Efficient Note-taking - One of our popular resources! Read tips on how to consolidate your review by creating brief notes a.k.a. Gold Notes that will be vital in your daily review in the lead up to the real exam.
  • Free GAMSAT Practice Test - This abbreviated, timed practice test includes all three sections with instant scaled scores and helpful worked solutions
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