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Free GAMSAT Practice Test

Simulate the new online GAMSAT with Gold Standard!

  1. FREE GAMSAT practice test online with instant access.
  2. 1 full-length practice test with features (as currently described by ACER) that simulate the May-June online GAMSAT:
    • 100 multiple-choice sample questions covering Section 1 (40) and Section 3 (60) including instant scores and helpful, worked solutions for FREE.
    • 2 Writing Task essays with prompts covering GAMSAT Section 2.
    • free online forum thread for every GAMSAT sample question to discuss clarifications if necessary.
  3. All sample questions simulate the real exam.
  4. PLUS: Your free GAMSAT practice test comes with a free GAMSAT Question of the Day and 1 hour of online Science Review Videos for free.

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We do not provide nor sell materials from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), which does not endorse this study guide or our methodology. They are the only outlet for official practice materials now in the form of PDF booklets (5) available online including GAMSAT sample questions (2) and full-length GAMSAT practice tests (3). To learn more about the optimal use of their practice materials, click:

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