Free Medical School Interview Videos by Gold Standard GAMSAT

Free Medical School Interview Videos: Gold Standard GAMSAT, the same company that created over 100 YouTube videos providing the worked solutions to all of ACER’s Section 3 MCQs has now put together a free webpage providing hours of strategies, advice, questions and approaches for your medical school interview. Simply sign in to your free account on and click on Interviews in the top Menu. You can find some video clips below.

What is MMI? The Multiple Mini-Interview Format

Objective: To understand why MMI is increasingly popular.

Why: If you understand the MMI interview, you can improve your preparation.

Medical School Interview Questions, Tips and Answers

Objective: To learn about the kinds of questions and answers to expect in a real interview.

Why: Clips from the full-length online video (previously in DVD format) give an indication of the process.

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