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Testimonial By: Holly Rumsey

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook

Great book, really makes everything seem so much easier. Thank you!

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Testimonial By: Rita Sabbagh

Helped me achieve in very short time

I only decided to take the GAMSAT with 5 weeks to study, working full time and having a wedding in...

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Live GAMSAT Courses

Last year around this time, I completed the GAMSAT Prep course in Perth and realized the other day...

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Testimonial By: M.C, Medical Student, University of Western Australia (UWA)

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Free GAMSAT Preparation Advice

Gold Standard GAMSAT has assembled free GAMSAT preparation material including free GAMSAT sample questions (both a practice test and a free GAMSAT Question of the Day), helpful advice, and links to many other free GAMSAT resources. We have placed links that will help you be more analytical in the humanities and social sciences (Section 1) while, at the same time, helping you develop relevant content that you can use for your essays (Section 2). We have also placed links to officially corrected real past Writing Sample tests for the MCAT which simulates Writing Test A (argumentative) of GAMSAT Section 2 in terms of timing, length and format. For Section 3 advice, we have placed links to physics formulas (equation lists) and organic chemistry mechanisms which will help you practice for the real test.

In addition, Gold Standard GAMSAT created and uploaded over 100 free videos with the worked solutions to ACER's practice materials to help your GAMSAT preparation. We have also recently added a few more helpful links to our list of free resources: Free Monthly GAMSAT Webinar, free GAMSAT practice test and free Writing Test B essays with corrections/comments by our GS Essay Correction Service.

How Much Time Do I Need to Study for the GAMSAT?

We believe that a student who has a long history of regularly reading books or editorials, writing essays at a high level and has a strong scientific intuitive reasoning may only do a few practice tests and then excel when sitting the real GAMSAT. Most students must prepare much more than that. In our estimation, adequate GAMSAT preparation requires, on average, 3-6 hours per day for 3-6 months depending on your past academic and life experiences. So we have created a way for you to build a free GAMSAT Study Schedule for your GAMSAT test preparation. The Gold Standard believes that with adequate time, practice and preparation that you can achieve the GAMSAT score that you want. Good luck!

The Gold Standard FREE GAMSAT Sample Test

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Depending on where you live, add (especially the editorial sections):

For English as a Second Language (ESL) students:

Help for Section 2

Corrected Writing Samples (simulates GAMSAT Writing Test A): These books are not free but very helpful for essay writing and may be available at your local uni library:

Help for Section 3

Live Monthly Online Seminar with Dr. Ferdinand

Online webinars with Dr. Ferdinand

You can follow us on our teaching channel Wiz IQ so you can never miss the monthly webinars: Gold Standard GAMSAT Webinar Classroom

Free GAMSAT Practice Questions (Test) and Access to 1 hour of Science Review Videos


We have placed the worked solutions to the ACER Practice Tests on YouTube for free. To view these videos, click here:

Gold Standard GAMSAT YouTube

Personal Study Schedule

The following is a step-by-step free GAMSAT study schedule which you can adapt to your needs as you see fit:

Personal Notes: GAMSAT Study Tips

2019 GAMSAT Information Booklet from ACER:

Questions, Comments, Concerns or Suggestions:

For information about Gold Standard GAMSAT videos, live courses on campus, online programs and textbook, return to our home page.

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