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Summary of GAMSAT Scores and GPA | Currency of GAMSAT Results

Eleven universities in Australia currently offer graduate medical programmes to both domestic and international students. Additionally, only Monash University and 7 other Australasian medical schools admit students into an undergraduate program of five or six years' period.

While each university varies in their admission requirements, depending on their programs' goals and emphases, the graduate entry medicine (GEM) universities listed on this page require candidates to sit the GAMSAT (or MCAT for international students). Academic performance in an undergraduate degree and interview skills are also vital considerations in the schools' selection criteria. Most universities provide details regarding average to minimum GPA and GAMSAT scores in a pool of applicants. On the other hand, some universities are unable to provide definite figures because of the unique assessment methods they use and the variety of places they offer to applicants. For students who wish to obtain more accurate information, please refer to the university website provided in each link below.

Of the over 10 000 students worldwide who sit the GAMSAT every year, approximately 75% intend to apply to Australian medical schools (unofficial figures). Some students, of course, intend to apply to other professional schools such as graduate entry dentistry at the University of Sydney or dentistry or optometry at Melbourne University.

Australian citizens and permanent residents are estimated to vie for approximately 1700 GEM positions in 2017. A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is a higher education place, in which the Australian Government makes a contribution to a student's university towards the cost of education. In other words, the Government subsidises part of your medical or professional school fees, making your fees much lower. For example, 1100 of the 1700 positions, more or less, will be CSPs. The remaining positions would carry a bond. Given adequate academic and interview performance, a high enough GAMSAT score may ensure both a CSP and admissions to medical, dental or optometry school. In addition to the 1700 GEM positions for Australian citizens and permanent residents, there are more than an additional 300 full-fee-paying positions available to international candidates.

This webpage does not replace the personal responsibility that each applicant has to access objective information and/or academic counselling regarding the choice to apply to a medical school or to study medicine. We have provided this free service for years only as a means to attempt to summarize a complex procedure with many moving parts. We are specialists in GAMSAT preparation but we are not an authority on GEMSAS. If you notice any information that is not consistent with your own research, please let us know as it could be of assistance to other candidates. Thanks for your understanding.

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Note: Please note that although the medical school interview was not found to correlate well with academic performance, UWA uses a panel based structured interview. Much research has suggested that the multi-mini interview (MMI) correlates very well with clinical performance of students in medical school and later in their medical careers.

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