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This webpage does not replace the personal responsibility that each applicant has to access objective information and/or academic counselling regarding the choice to apply to a medical school or to study medicine. We have provided this free service for years only as a means to attempt to summarize a complex procedure with many moving parts. We are specialists in GAMSAT preparation but we are not an authority on GEMSAS. If you notice any information that is not consistent with your own research, please let us know as it could be of assistance to other candidates. Thanks for your understanding.


The following table shows approximate overall minimum GAMSAT and GPA scores* that were used in the past in order to receive a medical school interview. Minimum scores must be achieved for BOTH GAMSAT and GPA.

*Gold Standard has compiled the GPA and GAMSAT scores provided on this page without warranty nor guarantee. These data were obtained from various sources - mainly from public forums and information reported to us by students - with the main purpose of providing estimates to prospective medical school applicants. While we have done our best to verify the authenticity of the data, please note that, in general, the GAMSAT Consortium Medical Schools do not release ranking information to applicants. Similarly, calculating GPAs for each GEMSAS medical school is a complex process and thus quite difficult to replicate. We strongly recommend that students take the individual responsibility to confirm information directly with the institution of interest, and depending on circumstances, via online, phone or in person.

Graduate Medicine Entry Requirements

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