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Strategies for GAMSAT Preparation without a Science Background

GAMSAT preparation for students with non-science background is possible. In fact, hundreds of students without any science background are accepted to medical schools in Australia, the UK and Ireland every year. In this 33-minute video, Dr. Brett Ferdinand, author of the first GAMSAT book (The Gold Standard GAMSAT), talks about the 70/30 formula and other strategies for a successful GAMSAT prep so you can get a high score and get accepted to medical school even if you have a non-science background.

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Gold Standard has helped hundreds of non-science background students improve their chances of medical school admissions. We do not just list what you need to know, rather, our new programs teach from the very basics up to GAMSAT level. You can choose a package based on your needs and budget. Click on the image below to learn about our comprehensive preparation packages including Gold Standard GAMSAT courses and materials.

Gold Standard's new 2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT preparation books

Resources and Tips for GAMSAT Success with or without a Science Background

To help you prepare for the exam, Gold Standard GAMSAT has assembled comprehensive information on GAMSAT scores, topics covered, preparation advice, free GAMSAT sample questions and other study resources.

  • What is the GAMSAT? - GAMSAT-prep.com's detailed guide about the GAMSAT
  • GAMSAT Scores - A complete resource that explains how the GAMSAT is scored and other questions relating to GAMSAT scoring
  • Free GAMSAT Resources - A comprehensive guide on preparing for each section of the GAMSAT with links to relevant study resources
  • Australian Medical Schools Admission Requirements - A comprehensive list of GAMSAT scores and GPA scores for graduate entry medicine (GEM) programmes in Australia and Australasia
  • Free GAMSAT Study Schedule - Even if you don't own any of the Gold Standard GAMSAT materials, this study schedule remains helpful as it details the subjects covered for review and practice on a daily basis.
  • GAMSAT Study Tips on Efficient Note-taking - One of our popular resources! Read tips on how to consolidate your review by creating brief notes a.k.a. Gold Notes that will be vital in your daily review in the lead up to the real exam.
  • Free Monthly GAMSAT Webinars - Take advantage of our free monthly online seminars (webinars) using a problem-based learning approach on the different topics in the GAMSAT and get a chance to win a GAMSAT giveaway.
  • Non-science Background GAMSAT Preparation - Dr Ferdinand (author of The Gold Standard GAMSAT books) outlines the 70/30 formula to get a high score. Also includes a link to advice on related topics.

Free GAMSAT practice:

  • Free GAMSAT Practice Test - This abbreviated, timed practice test includes all three sections with instant scaled scores and helpful worked solutions.
  • GAMSAT Practice Question of the Day - Develop your GAMSAT reasoning skills with daily practice, one subject at a time
  • GAMSAT Physics Sample Questions - 15 free GAMSAT Physics sample questions with answers and worked solutions to hone your basic problem-solving skills and understanding of Section 3 material