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  • GAMSAT Course September Sitting, tutorials: June 9 to September 1, 2024
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GAMSAT Course: Frequently Asked Questions


The GAMSAT September sitting will be held at computer-based test centers across Australia, the UK, Ireland, and select international locations. Students who live a sufficient distance from a test centre can apply to sit the exam at their place of residence as a home-proctored, computer-based test. For comprehensive information regarding the exam, please refer to the GAMSAT Information Booklet 2023.

Gold Standard has the answers! Check out our comprehensive guide: What is the GAMSAT?

All of our Gold Standard GAMSAT September course packages include instant online access to our Section 1, 2, 3 lessons and teaching videos in the GAMSAT University programme + two Virtual Reality GAMSAT Mock Exams. Our Complete Platinum Package includes 7 paperback GAMSAT books, 10 online and interactive GAMSAT tutorials, over 300 videos and thousands of helpful practice questions with detailed worked solutions. Gold Standard has more 5-star Google reviews from students than any other GAMSAT preparation company. If you are looking for GAMSAT courses for the September sitting, see your options below. Otherwise, you can purchase GAMSAT books separately or explore GAMSAT courses for March here: GAMSAT Courses

  1. Preparation: The GAMSAT is a challenging exam that requires a lot of preparation. A GAMSAT September course by Gold Standard can help you prepare more effectively by providing you with study materials, practice questions, and strategies to tackle the exam.
  2. Time management: The GAMSAT is a time-limited exam, and it can be challenging to manage your time effectively during the test. A GAMSAT September course by Gold Standard can help you develop time-management skills and strategies to ensure you have enough time to complete all the questions.
  3. Expert guidance: Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who have a deep understanding of the exam. These instructors can provide you with expert guidance and advice on how to approach the exam, what to focus on in your studies, and how to improve your scores.
  4. Feedback and evaluation: Gold Standard offers practice exams and assessments that can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This feedback can help you focus your studies on areas where you need the most improvement.
  5. Confidence: Finally, taking a GAMSAT September course by Gold Standard can help boost your confidence and reduce test anxiety. By preparing thoroughly and knowing what to expect on the exam, you can feel more confident and relaxed when you sit the real exam.

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