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GAMSAT Preparation - Ace the GAMSAT with Top-Rated Books, Expert Tutorials and 300+ Helpful Videos

Get SEPTEMBER 2024 or MARCH 2025 GAMSAT ready!

GAMSAT Success Starts Here: Choose the best GAMSAT preparation books, tutorials and videos
from the most-experienced GAMSAT prep providers for the March or September GAMSAT.

Gold Standard's new 2024 Masters Series GAMSAT preparation books

Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series for GAMSAT preparation

For GAMSAT preparation, the Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series stands out as the ultimate resource.
This comprehensive GAMSAT-books series offers unmatched tools to excel in all three sections of the test: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, Written Communication, and Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences.
With targeted practice questions, detailed worked solutions, and strategic study techniques, the Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series ensures you're fully prepared to conquer the exam with confidence and precision.
These GAMSAT books are your gateway to unlocking your potential and achieving your desired score on the GAMSAT.


GAMSAT Practice Tests

Choose from the 15 full-length GAMSAT practice test book or an online practice test package.
All questions in the practice tests come with helpful worked solutions and often include bonus teaching videos.

GAMSAT Heaps Book
Gold Standard's Webinar

GAMSAT Tutorials


Sign up for weekly GAMSAT tutorials with Dr Brett Ferdinand. Focused on problem-based learning, interactive teaching and small groups.


FREE GAMSAT Preparation

FREE GAMSAT Practice Test

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Key Dates: Testing and Preparation

Real Exam Testing
Written Communication:
24 - 25 August 2024
Humanities and Sciences:
September 13 - 15, 2024
Written Communication:
March, 2025 (TBD)
Humanities and Sciences:
March, 2025 (TBD)
Preparation Free Webinar
July 21, 2024 November 24, 2024
Official Deadline to
July 4, 2024 January, 2025 (TBD)
Gold Standard Live,
Interactive Tutorials
June 9 to September 8, 2024 December 15, 2024 to March 9, 2025


Sign up for our library of over 300 science videos. Videos range from introductory-level topics and then build up to GAMSAT-level practice questions, reasoning and graph analysis. Videos are free for GAMSAT University, Masters Series book packages, and the Platinum Package.


Popular GAMSAT preparation options:

Gold Standard's University

GAMSAT University


Gold Standard's GAMSAT Mock exams

GAMSAT Mock Exams


Gold Standard's GAMSAT preparation

GAMSAT Platinum Package



Straight from our students

“The Gold Standard program is a godsend! The dedication, conscientious student-centred approach and excellent collaboration within the team are evident in the comprehensive range of their service – the textbooks, Question of the Day, webinars, videos, work solutions for practice tests, the Heaps book, the Live Course and the Essay Correction Service, ... Starting medical school of my first preference in the new year, …”

Izumi Hart

"I don't know how I would have prepared without Gold standard!!!!! Absolutely amazing especially all the Youtube videos with worked solutions, the textbook and online videos and chapter review questions. Would HIGHLY recommend if you are serious about preparing for GAMSAT!!!"

Amber Sheth

“Gold Standard GAMSAT provides a great basis for anyone studying for the Gamsat. Dr Ferdinand is extremely experienced and gives honest advice and is always willing to advocate other useful resources too. I would recommend these materials to anyone!”

Jessica Yanwube

GAMSAT Preparation: Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to prepare for GAMSAT?

For GAMSAT, you should prepare 3 to 6 months prior to your projected exam date. On average, successful exam scores result from 3-6 hours of study per day (yes, Gold Standard’s “3-to-6 Rule”!). However, it is important to understand the many cases outside the norm: 1) Some students with non-science backgrounds may require more time to be exam-ready; 2) Some science students with strong reasoning skills who happen to be gifted writers with solid ‘general knowledge’ may get an exceptional score with 1-2 weeks of preparation.

One final point may make the time to prepare almost irrelevant: If your GAMSAT preparation focuses on knowledge over reasoning, then failure to achieve an exam score required for admissions is quite likely. Sharpening your reasoning skills through problem-based learning is essential for success.

What is the best way to prepare for GAMSAT?

The best way to prepare for GAMSAT includes the following steps:

  1. Read ACER’s Guide to become familiar with the real exam.
  2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Create a GAMSAT study schedule with feasible objectives and timing.
  4. Know thyself. Use the best study tools consistent with your personal learning style; for example, books or videos or tutorials or courses or apps, etc.
  5. Problem-based learning (PBL) should begin on Day 1 of your schedule and expand every week until you are completing full-length mock exams with satisfactory results. PBL improves learning and prepares you for the real exam by continually exposing you to unexpected scenarios.

Is 1-2 months enough to study for GAMSAT?

Yes, 1-2 months may be enough to study for GAMSAT! For some students, 3 weeks of GAMSAT preparation, or even less, is enough to get a great exam score. However, it really depends on your academic background and your life experiences. For an average student, 3 to 6 months of GAMSAT preparation with 3 to 6 hours of study each day can result in a successful exam score.

Our Gold Standard “3-to-6 Rule” suggests that, on average, 3 to 6 months of preparation with 3 to 6 hours of study per day can result in a successful exam score. A student in biomedical sciences or engineering may be in the lower end of the range while an architect or lawyer with no science background may be on the higher end of that range or may require even more time. A student with strong science-reasoning skills who reads widely, and has impressive essay-writing skills, may prepare for weeks, or less, and still get a great test score.

Join us in 2024-2025 for our Blended GAMSAT prep courses across Australia, the UK and Ireland!

Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation Courses: Blended, Multimedia

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GAMSAT Courses Perth

GAMSAT Courses Perth

GAMSAT Courses Perth
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GAMSAT Courses Adelaide

GAMSAT Courses Adelaide
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GAMSAT Courses Melbourne

GAMSAT Courses Melbourne
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GAMSAT Courses Brisbane

GAMSAT Courses Brisbane
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GAMSAT Courses Sydney

GAMSAT Courses Sydney
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