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GAMSAT Section 2 2023-2024 Masters Series: Written Communication

GAMSAT Paperback Book or eBook with Instant Access + Bonus: Essay Correction!

  • From a very basic, introductory level, up to GAMSAT level with clear teaching
  • Learn powerful Gold Standard techniques to help you create impressive essays
  • Improve your vocabulary, produce creative titles, learn powerful expressions and practice using them.
  • New bonus: Essay Correction! Get 2 of your essays professionally scored with personalised advice and helpful comments*
  • Learn the 'Five Minute, Five Step Plan' to conquer your time management for Section 2
  • Heaps of sample corrected essays, Section 2 practice worksheets & more
  • Paragraph-by-paragraph essay plans to develop your logical organisation skills
  • For the first time, more than 50 model essays, hundreds of foundational and GAMSAT-level exercises in the book with more model essays online

*You can submit 2 typed essays at any time of the year except within 7 days of any GAMSAT sitting, not beyond 2 years of purchase, for the original owner only, consistent with our Terms of Use; not transferable.

GAMSAT Section II, or “Written Communication,” is comprised of 2 writing tasks, which should be completed within a 65-minute time limit (the new, digital GAMSAT timing).

Each writing task has four to five quotations - listed as “Comments” - that appertain to a common theme.

Historically, candidates were given 5 minutes to read through the instructions and quotations before the actual test would begin. It was forbidden to write or make any notes during the 5 minutes of reading time.

Reading time per se, as it existed before 2020, is no longer. The 5 minutes has been added to the traditional 60 minutes, but to be clear, you can begin writing the moment the 65-minute timer starts.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series Section II Table of Contents, Summary:

Written Communication

Preparation for Section II

Key Skills to Develop for Section II
Building Your Vocabulary
Practice Materials
Advice on How to Generate Ideas
Exercises for Developing a Logical Response
The Scoring Key
Sample Corrected Essays
Frequently Asked Questions
Common Grammatical Errors
Section II Practice Worksheets
Breaking the Rules: Exploring Creativity
Gold Ideas
Writing Task A Model Essays
Writing Task B Model Essays

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