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NEW 2021 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 2
Paperback Book + Bonus: Essay Correction!
  • From a very basic, introductory level, up to GAMSAT level with clear teaching
  • Learn powerful Gold Standard techniques to help you create impressive essays
  • Improve your vocabulary, produce creative titles, learn powerful expressions and practice using them.
  • New bonus: Essay Correction! Get 2 of your essays professionally scored with personalised advice and helpful comments*
  • Learn the 'Five Minute, Five Step Plan' to conquer your time management for Section 2
  • Heaps of sample corrected essays, Section 2 practice worksheets & more
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  • For the first time, more than 50 model essays, hundreds of foundational and GAMSAT-level exercises in the book with more model essays online

*You can submit 2 typed essays at any time of the year except within 7 days of any GAMSAT sitting, not beyond 2 years of purchase, for the original owner only, consistent with our Terms of Use; not transferable.

* If you pre-order any book, you can request temporary, free eBook access that would begin on December 15, 2020, and end when you receive your physical book(s).

NEW 2021 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 2
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