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GAMSAT Section 1 2023-2024 Masters Series: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences

GAMSAT Paperback Book or eBook with Instant Access: Learn, Revise and Practice

  • Complete preparation for Section 1 from basics up to GAMSAT level
  • Reading speed and comprehension skill-builder exercises
  • Section 1 mini-tests: poetry, cartoons, graphs & tables, and more
  • GAMSAT-specific question and answer techniques
  • All-new features including 'percent importance', Spoiler Alerts, and more
  • Learn and apply Gold Standard Strategies to hundreds of practice questions, dozens of mini-tests and an incredible 3 full-length Section 1 practice tests with the new 2023-2024 digital-format timing

Note that the 3 full-length Section 1 tests in the book come with answers, helpful worked solutions and free discussion boards for all worked solutions online (free access to the original owner for 2 years).

You are provided with 100 minutes to answer 62 questions (i.e., the new digital GAMSAT timing; before 2020, candidates had 100 minutes for 75 questions).

This section consists of a number of “Units” where each Unit presents stimulus material and a number of multiple-choice questions (4 options per question).

The stimulus material in Section I can be anything from a poem, a cartoon, an extract from a play, novel, song, instructional manual or magazine. Anything that involves words or symbols and thinking is fair game. There is no specific-presumed knowledge required to answer any of the questions.

Reasoning, analysis, timing and pacing are all key components to success.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series Section I Table of Contents, Summary:



Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences

Preparation for Section I
Style of Questions
Online Help
Types of Questions
Warm-up Exercises
Short Test and Analysis
Section I Mini Tests
GAMSAT Masters Series Section I Practice Tests

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