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NEW 2022-2023 GAMSAT Masters Series Organic Chemistry
GAMSAT Paperback Book or eBook with Instant Access: Learn, Revise and Practice
  • Comprehensive Preparation for GAMSAT Section 3: Organic Chemistry
  • From a very basic, introductory level, up to GAMSAT level with clear teaching
  • Covers all Organic Chemistry topics ('assumed knowledge') in Section 3 of the GAMSAT: everything from Stereochemistry to Elimination vs. Substitution, as well as exercises and practice questions to improve your geometric reasoning and pattern recognition
  • Clear teaching with more content as compared to previous editions with new diagrams, illustrations and practice questions in the book.
  • This new book contains foundational (basic understanding) multiple-choice questions (MCQs), followed by new GAMSAT-level MCQs - completely updated to reflect the most current exam trends. Also new: Need for Speed exercises to practice basic concepts; Spoiler Alerts so you can compare your learning to specific ACER practice questions; and Chapter Checklists to ensure that you have completed your understanding before moving on to the next chapter.