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GAMSAT Maths and Physics 2023-2024 Masters Series

GAMSAT Paperback Book or eBook with Instant Access: Learn, Revise and Practice
  • GAMSAT Maths and Physics: Comprehensive preparation to learn, revise and practice
  • Clear teaching starting at a very basic, introductory level for students with non-science backgrounds - or for students who may have forgotten some of the fundamentals - up to GAMSAT level for all students
  • Covers all Physics topics ('assumed knowledge') in Section 3 of the GAMSAT: Everything from Atomic Physics to Fluid Mechanics plus all equations applied in context.
  • Clear teaching with more content as compared to previous editions with new diagrams, illustrations and practice questions in the book.
  • This new book contains foundational (basic understanding) multiple-choice questions (MCQs), followed by new GAMSAT-level MCQs - completely updated to reflect the most current exam trends. Also new: Need for Speed exercises to practice basic concepts; Spoiler Alerts so you can compare your learning to specific ACER practice questions; and Chapter Checklists to ensure that you have completed your understanding before moving on to the next chapter.

GAMSAT Section 3, Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences, is the longest of the 3 subtests on exam day.

'Biological Sciences' refers to Organic Chemistry and Biology. 'Physical Sciences' refers to Physics and General (Inorganic, not Organic) Chemistry.

In our experience, most students with a non-science background (NSB) can successfully learn the assumed knowledge for GAMSAT independently, while a smaller number may need to enrol in a short tertiary-level science course, or use a video series like the Gold Standard Video Library to supplement their learning.

Essentially, 20% of Section 3 is Physics. The level of assumed knowledge is A-Level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 Physics.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series Maths and Physics Table of Contents, Summary:


Chapter 1. Numbers and Operations
Chapter 2. Scientific Measurement and Dimensional Analysis
Chapter 3. Algebra and Graph Analysis
Chapter 4. Geometry
Chapter 6. Probability and Statistics


Chapter 1. Translational Motion
Chapter 2. Force, Motion, and Gravitation
Chapter 3. Particle Dynamics
Chapter 4. Equilibrium
Chapter 5. Work and Energy
Chapter 6. Fluids and Solids

Chapter 7. Wave Characteristics and Periodic Motion
Chapter 8. Sound
Chapter 9. Electrostatics and Electromagnetism
Chapter 10. Electric Circuits
Chapter 11. Light and Geometrical Optics
Chapter 12. Atomic and Nuclear Structure

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NEW 2023-2024 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 3 NEW 2023-2024 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 3

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