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GAMSAT Physics keys for success involve understanding and interpreting stimulus material including graphs, tables and experiments. Of course, the hallmark of Physics for the GAMSAT is basic problem solving. But first, in order to be comfortable with the language and concepts that you will face in GAMSAT Physics, we must first do a survey ranging from introductory level atomic physics to motion problems to fluid mechanics - all explained including equation manipulation in context. There are a few equations that we suggest should be memorized and you can find them by clicking on GAMSAT Physics Formulas.

The Gold Standard's online GAMSAT Physics Program achieves your goals by teaching what you need to know - not just listing what you need to know. We use a complete physics review using our online text reader. Your physics lessons have chapter review questions with worked answers. Each chapter also contains many unique features: (1) relevant online teaching videos; (2) Dr. Ferdinand's comments about each individual chapter; (3) a separate forum thread for each chapter to promote discussion with other students and our staff.

You can access your GAMSAT Physics review through subscribing to GAMSAT University which includes a complete online review for Section 1, Section 2 and all science topics for Section 3. To choose any of our online programs, click GAMSAT Courses and scroll down to see the Online Courses box.

Introduction to GAMSAT Physics: Scalars and Vectors


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