GAMSAT Practice Tests: Sample Questions

GAMSAT Practice Tests (Sample Questions)

GAMSAT practice papers are now part of your online experience. Now you can get instant access to GAMSAT practice tests with worked solutions. Our 5 Gold Standard (GS) full-length exams are numbered from GS-1 to GS-5. These exams can be purchased separately or part of a package.

GS-1 is free for Gold Standard Textbook Owners. It is the online format of the identical full-length paper exam in the book. The new GS Free GAMSAT Sample Test is an abbreviated GAMSAT practice test which is automatically added to ANY account. If you want access without any of the practice exams below, click here: Free GAMSAT practice test.

All the GS GAMSAT papers are timed and have interactive tools to help you prepare to sit your real exam: You can repeat any exam section as often as you want during your access period. All exam attempts are saved in your personal History section with full explanations to help your review. All worked solutions include a link to a forum thread for each individual question to encourage further discussion or to obtain responses to any concerns about your exam experience.


*The Gold Standard (GS) Free GAMSAT Sample Test - an abbreviated GAMSAT practice test – is included in the GS Exams and Essay Correction Service packages.

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