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The Gold Standard GAMSAT Science Review Videos

Fast postage, Product makes learning a lot easier. Recommended seller...

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Testimonial By: Holly Rumsey

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook

Great book, really makes everything seem so much easier. Thank you!

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Testimonial By: Rita Sabbagh

Helped me achieve in very short time

I only decided to take the GAMSAT with 5 weeks to study, working full time and having a wedding in...

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Testimonial By: Kathy Thomas

Live GAMSAT Courses

Last year around this time, I completed the GAMSAT Prep course in Perth and realized the other day...

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Testimonial By: M.C, Medical Student, University of Western Australia (UWA)

GAMSAT Videos: Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry from Introductory Topics to 'GAMSAT Level'

Our Gold Standard GAMSAT videos have been carefully chosen to make your GAMSAT preparation easier. We have over 300 videos online (that is more than 70 viewing hours) with a great diversity of topics. We have very basic introductory level Section 3 (science) videos for students with non-science backgrounds (NSB) or for students who may have forgotten some of the fundamentals of the basic sciences. Our GAMSAT videos build up to GAMSAT-level practice questions and concepts which students have found to be very helpful.

And yet another innovation since last year: We produced new GAMSAT videos with several hours of GAMSAT graph analysis and interpretation (applying a problem-based learning approach). We have our 'old school' and 'new school' teaching videos, as well as virtual classroom videos. You can sample our different video formats on YouTube, Vimeo or by logging into gamsat-prep.com for a free GAMSAT account (1 hour of access) or by joining one of our live or online GAMSAT courses (unlimited access within your access period: GAMSAT University, Home Study Package, Complete GAMSAT Course).

Free Videos: ACER's GAMSAT Practice Tests Worked Solutions

Besides having the most extensive video library, we are the first GAMSAT preparation company to have created a complete video series with the worked solutions of all ACER's GAMSAT practice materials (note: ACER's materials include answers but their tests do not include worked solutions).

Medical School Admissions Advice

Section III: Free Sample Videos

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