ACER's GAMSAT Booklets: eBooks, PDFs and the new Online Test Generator

ACER's GAMSAT Booklets in PDFs

We have placed the worked solutions to the ACER Practice Tests on YouTube for free. To view these videos, click here:
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Official Online PDFs vs. Booklets

All ACER's GAMSAT practice materials are in PDF format (eBooks watermarked with your identifying information), which first became available in November 2011. Hard copies, aka tangible booklets, are no longer sold by ACER. Occasionally, the original booklets become available in online second-hand markets like Gumtree or eBay.

To purchase the downloadable PDF files directly from ACER, you must first open an account here: ACER GAMSAT Practice Tests. If you happen to have access to other past editions of these practice exams then you should know that though the cover has changed over the years, the content has not. However, for the sake of improving the value of your experience with past GAMSAT practice materials, only use older editions if they are unmarked. ACER's Practice Test 3 is their most recent publication and was made available for the very first time in late 2017.

What is the cost of ACER's GAMSAT Practice Materials?

GAMSAT Practice Test 1, 2 and 3 eBooks (PDFs) cost the same amount: AUD$45, £28, €32. GAMSAT Sample Questions, a shorter eBook, is AUD$27, £17, €19. GAMSAT Practice Questions, first published in the 1990s, is free upon registration for the real exam. It should be noted that ACER has a relatively new product, introduced in its current form in 2022, aimed at Section 2 preparation: Online Test Generator. It is an automated essay correction service which costs AUD$20, £11, €13. It can predict GAMSAT Section 2 scores (Written Communication) relatively well for most, not all, candidates. Obviously, prices that are quoted are subject to change..

Why ACER's Practice Booklets?

The official source of the GAMSAT is ACER. Their sample questions and practice tests best simulates the difficulty and timing of the real exam. Some students complain that ACER's practice booklets did not replicate their particular real exam experience, but that would be an unrealistic standard. After all, GAMSAT is not a knowledge-based exam. The purpose of practice tests is to give you an idea as to what to expect, to point out strengths and weaknesses, to practice under time constraints and to monitor improvements over time.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Practice Tests

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We have created thousands of GAMSAT practice questions with worked solutions and instant online access based on our analysis of ACER's published materials and testing patterns. Every question has a separate forum thread to encourage further discussion. To learn about our 10 GAMSAT practice tests, click here: GAMSAT practice tests

If you wish to sit one of our full-length sample exams with analysis and detailed worked solutions, click here: Free GAMSAT Practice Test

The Gold Standard also offers free GAMSAT practice questions, which features an abbreviated GAMSAT practice test with clear explanations, videos, instant practice exam results and more. If you already have an account on our website then you will find your free practice test, after you login, by clicking Tests in the top Menu and then scrolling down. If not, you can access the Gold Standard (GS) Free GAMSAT Sample Test by clicking here: Free GAMSAT practice test.

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