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The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook

This is more than an answer book! I know - you look at the GAMSAT questions online and freak out... I did, everyone I know did too! However, after reading into this book for around 20 minutes I suddenly got my med-school mojo back. This book motivates and reinvigorates from page one by understanding the vast array of emotions the graduate applicant to medical school will experience.
Not only will you learn the fundamental of sciences and social sciences needed to negotiate the exam, but you will realise that becoming a doctor is not just a career change, it's a lifestyle change! Read novels critically, consider all sides to an argument from local council disputes to Governmental debate, put all that we do into a social context (politics) and a nation-wide / global context (Politics) and understand the physical science that make up our world.
If that isn't all, the book also includes sane advice on medical school interviews - no mention of fairytale scenarios that you may hear from contemporaries - just cool collected experienced advice.
More importantly, it explains that if you remain cool and approach the exam logically and DON'T PANIC, you will probably do well. Make use of the 10 hours free online help and you will ease into this exam with no worries.
I have not sat the exam yet but I am already thankful for the feeling of excitement and anticipation of studying medicine once again.
Testimonial By: N. T. Southorn (Amazon UK)

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