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Gold Standard GAMSAT Testimonials and Reviews

GAMSAT Success with Zero Science Background

Just want to thank you for helping me prepare for this year’s gamsat.

I had zero science (not even in high school) and I followed your course for 6 months, managed to get a good gamsat score and I just accepted an offer from ANU for 2018.

I can’t believe I got into medicine on my first attempt and I could not have achieved this without you.

Thanks so much! Forever grateful!

(Overall GAMSAT Score: 61)
Testimonial By: Monique Gadd — Australia

Helped me achieve in very short time

I only decided to take the GAMSAT with 5 weeks to study, working full time and having a wedding in India and a 10km ocean swim in between. I obviously needed all the help to put my best foot forward, so I chose to use Gamsat prep. I went to one of the science reviews and used the online essay correction and practice tests. I scored 74 overall, which I was stoked with, and I know I felt so much more comfortable because of the resources provided. Fantastic, and money well spent. Thanks so much.
Testimonial By: Kathy Thomas — accepted to both USyd, Sydney, NSW and Notre Dame, Fremantle, WA

Gold Standard book preparation

Great book and study preparation for GAMSAT. After previously sitting GAMSAT with a reasonable mark that subsequently expired I then spent roughly 2-3months prior to GAMSAT this year studying the Gold book. This resulted in GAMSAT score of 69 in the top 7% which opens up applications to all universities. Thanks for the study guide and for online questions and help.
Testimonial By: Stephanie Boehm — Ascot, WA, Australia

Brilliant Essay Marking Service

I wanted to let you know that my GAMSAT results came through, I scored a 60 overall, which should guarantee me a place in Medical School if I should choose to apply.

In section 2, I got an overall 73, which I attribute almost wholly to your feedback. Thank you very much for that.
Testimonial By: Michael Keane — Fairview, , Ireland

Jeanne did a great job :)

Hi, I just wanted to thank Jeanne for marking my essays and patiently advising me on how to score better marks. Having social science as my background I completely underestimated this section and without Jeanne's help I wouldn't score 63 in this year's Gamsat :). Thanks again and would highly recommend the service!!
Testimonial By: Spela Berlec — Sydney, NSW, Australia

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