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GAMSAT study groups are being formed in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, Dublin, Cork, Ireland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland, London and the UK. We have created links to Facebook groups but, of course, students in these groups can use any preparation materials to prepare for the GAMSAT.

Some students are more efficient studying on their own. Other students find that study groups can help to motivate and permit one to collaborate with peers - not unlike a career in medicine. For a good study group, look for others who can balance out the background of the different members. If everyone you study with has the same arts or science academic background then it's easy to miss out on creative ideas, approaches or content. You do not need to be part of our Gold Standard GAMSAT programs to participate. Gold Standard is not responsible for nor do we vet members of these groups in any way. We hope the following is helpful to you. Good luck with your studies!

Australia GAMSAT Study Groups 2023-2024

UK GAMSAT Study Groups 2023-2024

Ireland GAMSAT Study Groups 2023-2024

Singapore GAMSAT Study Groups 2023-2024

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