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Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course

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Home Study Course
First GAMSAT textbook ever and now with online access card! ($199)
Online Science Review DVDs with clear teaching ($396)
Free GAMSAT DVD for sections 1, 2, 3: Australia, the UK and Ireland ($25)
Free Science Review MP3 4 hours' Silver Bullet High Yield Audio ($50)
Basic knowledge science flashcards ($20)
Free Medical School Interview DVD: Questions, Tips and Answers + MMI ($30)

GAMSAT Section 1: tips/strategies + 20 mini-tests ( ($199)
GAMSAT Section 2: 8 of your essays corrected ($199)
GAMSAT Section 3: 70+ hours of online videos ($199)
5 full-length Gold Standard (GS) GAMSAT practice tests with worked solutions ($249)
new bonus: 5 full-length GAMSAT practice papers by PrepGenie
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GAMSAT Section 1
Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences (including excerpts from The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook). And most importantly, practice tests! The program includes more than 20 timed online specialised verbal reasoning tests including graphs and tables (2), cartoons (2), poems (2), and verbal comprehension tests divided into science-based and social sciences/humanities (greater than 20). You can take the tests as often as you want during your subscription period and each exam attempt is saved in your personal History section with % score.

GAMSAT Section 2
Learn Gold Standard Section 2 essay writing techniques.

 Practice by having 8 of your essays scored, corrected and returned to you with personal advice.

We begin by making available online lessons about argumentative/expository essay writing and reflective/discursive essay writing with excerpts from The Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook. It provides you with a clear formula to respond to both Writing Task A and Writing Task B. You will also have 50 exercises to perform. Each exercise or practice question will be linked to a Forum so that you can share opinions. Additionally, you will get to read corrected and graded essays from students so you will know what to expect. At this point, you will be ready to practice yourself.

GAMSAT Section 3
70+ hours of video including clear lecture style teaching and Chapter Commentaries: Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry. Unlimited access to the Lessons section which includes hundreds of interactive review questions, worked solutions and more.

GAMSAT Practice Tests
The Gold Standard GAMSAT Practice Tests allow you to use an on screen highlighter to highlight text in a passage (PC and Mac; IE, Firefox, Safari).

If you are unsure of an answer, eliminate the alternatives that you know to be incorrect by clicking on an answer choice to STRIKEOUT a wrong answer and select an answer from the remaining alternatives. If you are still unsure of an answer, you can mark the question to review it later if time permits.

When you review your test, you will see the correct option for the question as well as your answers, strikeouts and even your highlights are saved. Each question comes with detailed explanations as well as a direct link to a thread for further discussion in our Forum.

Besides providing you with a study plan, this Complete GAMSAT Course includes personalised comments and tips for your corrected essays and our GAMSAT Forum with a discussion thread for each of the over 4500+ practice problems with worked solutions so that you are never left in the dark about a problem (these practice problems include chapter review questions, mini-tests and full length practice tests). You will not require any other books, notes or materials to prepare for the GAMSAT save ACER's practice booklets which are only available separately from ACER.

Online access begins instantly after payment and continues until the March 2017 sitting of GAMSAT Australia. Postage is free to Australia, Ireland and the UK. Dispatch within 48 hours.

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