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Preparation Strategy for GAMSAT

Preparation Strategy for GAMSAT

Postby Benjalyn » Thu Apr 07, 2022 12:28 am

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I want to start my preperation for the exam of GAMSAT , I have never did this exam before , I did join your website by the intension to buy your courses and join you on line so once I created my account I came to receive this e.mail below , I'm very confused and distracted I dont know from where to start , should I start by the test but I dont have any tools or materials that can help me to answer the test questions , I feel like lost , uncomfortable , worried , can you please advise what to do ?

First, you can learn about the structure of the exam:

You can design a study schedule based on the one from Gold Standard:

You can attend our next free webinar:
You can consider the GAMSAT books or complete courses with online tutorials available on

Good luck with your studies!
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