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SII advice

SII advice

Postby help12345 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:00 pm

Hi everyone. New to the gamsat study and was hoping someone could give my first essay a read and provide some advice for improvement. Thank you in advance.

“The machine does not isolate man from the greatest problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them” Saint Exupery

Science, progression and ethics dominate a large sphere of public thought, with many differing opinions and attitudes. Saint-Exupery’s quote epitomises the general consensus regarding caution towards technological advances. Although indeed, technology has immensely improved and advanced society, there are caveats to be considered.

Initially, the invention of machines and technology were only beneficial. Simple advances to make hard work and everyday life easier were embraced in all fields of society. From farming technology that meant larger crop yield and thus greater income, to faster and more efficient communication, there seemed to be only a positive to technological advancement. This being that problems were solved, even if it was only for the select bourgeoise and upper class.

Over time this progressed to wider society. If considering the quote literally and focussing on the natural environment and problems that arise from it, one can agree that machines did indeed isolate man from them. As a society, humans can now predict weather forecasts in advance, albeit occasionally inaccurately, which allows for planning and alteration of actions and events. Further, machines have allowed humanity to deal with and treat diseases of nature, in both humans and animals, that previously caused much death and devastation. For example, childbirth, until recently was notoriously dangers for the mother, particularly If the child was breached. Now, it is very unlikely that a mother dies during childbirth due to the many improvements made in science and medicine, largely due to technology. As such, these examples demonstrate the extent of the machinery benefit in improving problems of nature within humanity.

Contrary to this, advancement in science has forced humanity to deal with objectively harsher moral and ethical decisions. A major controversial discussion currently is genetic modification. Genetic modification is the ability and act of altering the specific genes, and thus traits of a life. Initially used to modify plants for larger and healthier plans, genetic modification is now being applied to humans. This technology, although beneficial to society in terms of eliminating genetically transmitted diseases, has caused much controversy due to its application in ‘designer babies.’ These babies’ genes have been selected for specific traits, such as blue eyes or blonde hair. This usage is no longer removing problems for humanity. This is instead leading to deeper moral and ethical concerns regarding the manipulation of nature. Consequently, this demonstrates the detrimental impact machines and technology have in relation to issues in nature and society.

Resultingly, despite technology objectively benefitting society by reducing efforts and time required for many mundane tasks, there are greater issues that arise as a result. The application of technology into society is a multifaceted and complex situation that requires contemplation and discussion of the benefits and costs. This is due to the potential costs of misuse that can lead to larger problems than humanity faced previously.
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