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Task A feedback please!

Task A feedback please!

Postby Sue.langenhoven » Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:42 pm

"What About Me?"

The quote "Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority.." refers to the concept of the potentially forgotten members of a minority group. A majority group is formed by a larger group of people that stand for the same cause, therefore being prioritised. 'Greater good for the greater majority' mentality. I would therefore agree with this quote. Pleasing more people would be of greater benefit for the given individuals who stand amongst the majority in that society, however this idea may leave many individuals feeling unheard and happy about the majority's decision. In this essay I will explore the idea of majority versus minority and how this may influence a peaceful society.

When a public vote is carried out, the majority often consists of opinions that are formed by pressure or convenience. The sheep in society for example see those around them choosing something. Therefore they think it is the correct choice, having no predisposed knowledge of the topic being voted on. Whereas the individuals in the minority are those who have the importance of the vote heavily thought of in their mind. They are clued up on the consequences it will have on their society, perhaps making the wiser choice based on this idea.

A government who honours its people will have some obligation to make it's society happy. This is done by letting the majority have its way. Even if we altered a decision to somewhat suit even the minority, not all individuals will be pleased. Not everyone is going to be one hundred percent content with their government. "The smallest minority is the individual". Oppression against minorities is an unavoidable concept. Not many people enjoy to be conflicted.

No one rule is going to be applicably suitable for every single individual in a society, because the government is never going to listen to a problem affecting one person. The function of protecting a minorities rights is importat in this case, to validate all members of a society.

**Note: had absolutely no idea how to conclude this essay, tips are greatly appreciated!**
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