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Chapter 8: Enthalpy and Thermochemistry

Re: Chapter 8: Enthalpy and Thermochemistry

Postby goldstanda3269 » Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:31 pm

horbowiec.7527 wrote:This is still regarding GEN CHM Chapter 7 Worked solution for Q22 (CHM-201):

Why there is an assumption in worked solutions that if the reaction "occurs quickly in room temperature" then it is spontaneous?

I thought you can have spontaneous reactions which occur more slowly but they still favor product formation so will be spontaneous?

Yes, you are correct. A very, very slow process might be spontaneous. However, if a reaction occurs quickly (almost like an explosion) then there is a high probability that the reaction is spontaneous (it is not guaranteed since kinetics - speed - is not the best indicator of spontaneity).

So why are we testing this point? You will find out in the Spoiler Alert for this chapter. You will find two questions from ACER's Blue Booklet that specifically relate speed and spontaneity. We want you to experience this relationship because ACER tests it.

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