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Terminology and Wording

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Terminology and Wording

Postby olirushworth » Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:15 am

Hello :)

I feel like I am performing ok at Section I, but with just over a month to go until GAMSAT I'd like to get as many points out of this section as I can.

In the questions I come across some words and terminology that I am not familiar with in day-to-day reading (not come across these words before, or often, when reading books and newspapers). If I wanted to read up the definition of these words where would be a good place to look?

Words such as:

I feel like I have an idea of what they mean, but I feel like my understanding should be more solid! Should I just pick up a dictionary/thesaurus and read up everytime I see a word, or is there a bit resource I could use?

Thanks! :)
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Re: Terminology and Wording

Postby jeanne_gsgamsat » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:01 pm


First, it is important to understand that Section 1 includes a wide range of subjects: poetry, drama, novel, memoir, philosophical essays, history, quotations and proverbs, graphs and tables, cartoons, arguments, etc. Therefore, finding a definite vocabulary resource for this section is difficult, but there are still several ways to improve your comprehension of "advanced" terminology.

1. Oftentimes, the terms used in Section 1 passages are contextual - that is, their meanings highly depend on the ideas in the surrounding phrases, sentences, or paragraphs. This means that one of the skills that you would need to develop in Section 1 is the ability to infer using contextual clues. Be more attentive on how the term is related to the discussions in the passage or in the paragraph. Then you can make an intellectual guess as to how the word means.

2. Reading various materials that are typically found in Section 1 would also help. Of course, because you are still revising, you will have the opportunity to just use the dictionary when you encounter certain terms that are quite challenging to understand. This will help build your vocabulary in the different disciplines tackled in Section 1. Here are some reading resources to start with:

3. The 2016 edition of the Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook has a section called Section 2 vocabulary list. Some of those words, especially the Latin expressions would often come out in Section 1 passages or questions.

Hope this helps!
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