The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook: 2013 International Book Award Winner

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook: 2013 International Book Award Winner

The International Book Awards, launched in 2003, aims to honor excellent writing from mainstream and independent publishers. This year, after careful review by a panel of experts, the Gold Standard GAMSAT Review Textbook was named Winner in the Education/Academic Category. The International Book Award is given annually by the USA Book News, the same company that gives out the annual USA Best Books Awards for mainstream and independent publishers in the US.

It is quite an honor to be given such a distinction in the prestigious International Book Awards for 2013 but this comes as no surprise as the Gold Standard GAMSAT was written to provide students with a comprehensive manual to review and prepare to sit the GAMSAT. It contains sample questions that come with worked solutions (explanations of answers). There are clear explanations of the science topics covered in the GAMSAT as well as practice questions for Section 1 and Section 2.

It was written with the student in mind, especially for university students who may have very little science or humanities background. It was also written knowing that some students who sit the GAMSAT have graduated from university and have been working for a while. For this reason, the book offers a learning experience that is detailed and yet comprehensive. In addition to the textbook reading, it also contains equation lists, definitions and review questions at the end of each chapter covered, valuable resources for the student.

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook is published by RuveneCo, Inc. It is available from the Gold Standard GAMSAT website, and it can be used in self-preparation for the GAMSAT or as part of the Gold Standard multimedia integrated review approach that enables students to choose study tools - textbook, videos, MP3s, smart phone apps, online programs - that can help them study best.

The 2015-2016 Edition will continue our student-centered approach by adding over 200 new pages and hundreds of more practice questions with worked solutions.

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